Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On to a better month- HOPEFULLY!!

So yeah I have some complaints about May.
-First off- have you tried moving while you work 40s+ a week? In addition to working 40 hrs also be doing incredibly stupid and mostly mindnumbing assignments to get another Credential from the state of Idaho that allows you 1st off to sign the paperwork that you complete at work rather than have someone else sign it that has completed this pointless class instigated by the state of Idaho to basically soak up tax dollars and reteach you everything that you learned in college. And to force you to take something that you normally do, but to reflect upon it and think about it and basically just B.S. about the purpose of why you write this document and what the document really means... which honestly I just want to say that I write these documents this way because in order to meet the pointless rules and laws that have been written by legislatures that really have no idea what happens in a DDA I have to include this information and this information. So summed up I write an IPP or a PIP or a Developmental Assessment based off of a SIB-R because basically those are the general hoops that Medicaid (sp? I don't care to find the correct spelling at the moment) and the state Legislator have decided all DDAs need to jump through. And as if that stuff is not annoying enough, every couple of years we'll come through and audit everything that you do and make sure that you've dotted this i and that you've killed about a million trees to get a copy of every single document that's been created in the last year with Client A's name on it. Documents including reports from outside services that will generally only be looked at once and that will be glanced at occasionally throughout the year just long enough to make sure that the date is still current and that you don't need to rerequest. But if you forget to sign this by this date, or you forget to request one of the items or have a current physical for one of your clients we might just will take back a lot of money that we've paid you.- Well there's more to it than that, but general idea....
Sorry back to why I don't miss May at all- so yeah working 40+s hours on salary so I get paid the same whether I work 40 hrs or 50hrs (thankfully it hasn't technically been that bad)
-I'm doing homework again, like 3 or more assignments a week that take a fair amount of time to day and completely blow my days off of work and that unfortunately have caused me to have to refuse a date because I have homework I have to do.
How is it I made it through 5 yrs of college without having homework interfer with my dating and now when I should just be working then homework rears it's ugly head? And so you spend the night you could be on a date doing a crap load of homework and you think you have all of the assignments done and you go to submit them by email and your internet doesn't work. So you take your "trusty" jumpdrive to work to email them, and you find out that 2 out of the 3 assignments haven't saved so you spend the day redoing what you've already done!!!

And after the homework is done and I finish reading a lot of dry information on assessments, child development, behavior, data collection, etc, usually 30-60s a week, then I end up sitting through a couple hours of lecture once a week all so that I can take a test this month that will allow me to sign documents at work "Deanna Taylor, BS, DS."
it will be worth it, but geeze, what a pain in the butt now!!!

-It's been raining and snowing like more than I care to think about lately. Which completely ruined most of my plans for moving on the days and times I wanted to. And instead I ended up doing random, it's not raining better move some crap, moving sessions.

-I had to finish moving/ cleaning out my old place this weekend and
-I got food poisoning the night before we had to be out. So I'm throwing up all through the night and then the next morning I'm expected to wake up and have a spotless apartment. Well I did it, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND it!!! This also ended up being when I ended up turning down a date to do homework and then having it not save!!

Sorry I've been blowing off a little bit of steam, the last couple of weeks have not been fun. And you add a little bite of relationship drama *see previous posts and you have a month that has been a complete pain in the butt.

JUNE BETTER BE FANTASTIC- the whole opposition in all things- you have to experience the crappy stuff to appreciate the excellent stuff. SO A WHOLE BUNCH OF GOODNESS better be coming my direction!

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Valerie said...

Holy cow!! Not such a good month. But I have to say, I love reading your blog. You are such a good, funny writer!! Keep it up!