Friday, August 20, 2010

The most cliche lines known to Mormondom...

Well Mr. Guy Friend and I finally had that date he's been talking about since like December. After a million suggestions for dates via text message and questions about random "have you tried sushi?" and "what would you think about this" but never with any actual follow through.

Well finally about a month ago (I know I've done a crappy job updating you, but it's been a busy summer) I got a text me about 10pm asking me one night if I want ice cream. We went to DQ and had some ice cream. And although we touched on many topics including some of his regrets about how he wished that he actually did have something to show for the last 5 yrs since high school, he never breached the topic of dating. So I finally commented on it when he dropped me off. Because honestly this had gone on long enough. I could tell that he was still interested in me, but I could also tell that he wasn't going to ask me in person, I was going to get a text about it afterwards. Seriously!!! We're friends? Am I that intimidating? Well, because we were friends and really I wanted to make this as quick and pain free as possible so I could quickly climb out of the car and go to bed, I somehow I ended up saying a couple of the most cliche lines known to Mormondom. "I think you're a great guy" but "I don't want to get into a relationship because I'm planning on serving a mission." And then I told him that odds are that he'd be engaged to some cute little 19 yr old freshman while I was gone and that he could mail me an announcement. I know not the best way to tell someone you're not interested, but honestly it's the truth. And I think that it's nicer than saying "Well, you're just not really going anywhere right now and I don't want to risk getting into a relationship with someone who'd I'd have to support for the next few years." - Yeah I don't think that would go so well. So I went the cliche route, and I was being honest. I am planning on putting my papers in as soon as I save enough money to go and really comparing the two options or dating him or going on a mission I feel better about the latter.