Monday, April 13, 2009

The End At the Beginning of it All

So Tuesday was perhaps the most exciting day of my life... well up to this point anyway....

Here's the EXCITING NEWS....

1. After waiting 4.5 extremely long weeks I got my Praxis test scores back. (For those of you who don't know these tests are the definition of evil to a college student because a) they cost more than I spent on food for a semester 2) The tests were administered starting at 7:30 in the AM on a Saturday!!! tres) covering everything you may or may not have learned kindergarten to present, and D) The 2nd test was 2 hrs of written responses....

And amazingly enough, I passed both tests! So contrary to my belief that I'd be retaking at least one of the tests this coming fall.... I passed both... at least according to the states of Idaho and Utah. THERE is no other explaination than the amazing power of prayer cause there is no way on earth I passed otherwise. I seriously had no time to study and after being out of school for 2 months I wasn't exactly prepared for over 4hrs of testing.

You know what they say about people's jaws dropping... yeah mine did that cause I saw the results and I was like... are you kidding me... there is NO WAY I passed... I totally bombed that test..... and then I was screaming at the top of my lungs... "I passed" and I was literally bouncing on top of my bed.

Other good news-
I finally got my letter of introduction written for student teaching and thanks to fabulous friends and family who helped edit it I got it turned in.... over 24hrs before it was offically due... I know miracles happen. I didn't procrastinate until the last second....

That letter was the last thing I had to submit before the deadline so I have everything in that I need to and I am completely ready for student teaching... well with the exception of my classes this fall.

And I was on a roll that night and I was like, well I did get my student teaching stuff in and I know when I want to walk for graduation, I might as well apply.

So YEAH I applied for graduation too.
I will walk in Commencement April 2010..... Which strangely is less than a year away... crazy....

And yes I know it sounds really cheesy to say that it was the best day of my life to this point, but I was completely high on the thrill of accomplishment!!!

That's 3 very important things that's I've got done. Now all I have to do is show up to my last semester of classes and then I'm on my way to Vegas!!!!

I still have no idea what I'm doing after student teaching... or where I plan on living... but at least I know what I'm doing for the next 10ish months.

And at this point in my life to have a plan for 10 months is huge.... considering I've ended up moving every 3 months for the last year and a half.

But yeah this is the end of my college years... and the beginning of everything else.

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fool's Day

#1 So I decided that I needed to pull an April Fool's Joke. And so I decided to use Facebook to announce my mission call. I was called to Edinburgh Scotland and I'm leaving May 27.
Believe it or not I got congrats from at least 13 people! All telling me what an awesome missionary I'm going to be.

Sadly though, I did not actually get my mission call. But it was an awesome feeling to know I had the support of so many people. I will be really blessed when I do go. Here's hoping I can after I graduate. So the next time a mission call is posted on facebook, it will be real! But it will be over a year from now if I'm lucky.
I also called my Mom up and acted like I'd been in a car accident. - Yeah she didn't believe it.
#2 You know you have an awesome friend when they go out of their way to pull an April Fool's joke on you alone.

So the other day well April 1st. I got a text from an old roommate/ good friend Heather. And here's the general gist of our conversation.

H:So do you remember Jason we've been hanging out a lot lately.
M: Disneyworld guy ?
H: "Yeah. And well, we caught 'Spring Fever' "
And I'm going oh really.
Me: So when did this become offical? & does that me you owe me M&Ms? (given to roommates when they hold hands).....
H: What kind of ice cream do you want?
M: Ice cream (kiss) really when did this happen?.... go out for ice cream if I can pull you away from the boy or a carton?
H: carton.
M: Why not out for ice cream going to be with your boy all weekend?
H: He's going to be in Utah this weekend for conference.
M: you still didn't say when it happened.
H: I will tell you later I have homework.
H: You didn't say what kind.
M: If this isn't an April Fools's joke Beaver tracks or Chocolate Chip. But you haven't told me anything about this relationship.
H: If this was a joke do you honestly think I would voluntarily buy you ice cream?
M: Well then I could give you a ride to Broulims tonight I need to get something there too.
H: Are you kidding? I am so poor right now. I can't even afford ice cream for myself right now.

I ended up talking to her later that night and she still wouldn't go into detail about anything just that she would get me some and I was like if this is an April Fool's joke you still owe me ice cream. It's the week of doom (aka the major stress week that comes the week before Finals, as an education major usually this week is worse than finals week) and you will only make it worse if you back out on the ice cream.
The next day, I cornered her in class. She tried to avoid the subject, talking to all of our neighboring students, ignoring the questions, until I finally got it out of her that no, she was still VL.
Evidently she had actually planned a whole show for me. Jason was going to join us for Devotional the day before her original texts but he had got delayed and couldn't come. Then I started asking about April Fools and she wouldn't comment about when the relationship started and i got suspicious. Then she said she was going to bring a carton into class with a note on it saying April Fool's but she couldn't get to the store that morning.
Well either way Heather did get me my Chocolate Chip ice cream- Dreyer's Double Churned even!! And just in time for me to have a picker-upper during my final late nighter.

Thanks Heather. It basically made my day to get the ice cream and even the whole story that you tried to orchastrate made me feel loved. And good job going with the kiss instead of the fake engagement. It was more realistic. But I also know that I would have heard more about the relationship if you were actually in one. We know way to much about each other for you to leave out the small detail of a relationship.
And also like 2 days before you had sent me a text complaining about how annoying it was to see people kissing on campus. I couldn't see you switching philosopies that quickly.
And another clue- I know you and something like a kiss would have you chatting up a storm and sharing details! And you definately would not be going, "i've got homework"

But yeah Awesome April Fool's Day!