Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Vege" Day

“You pile up enough tomorrows and you’ll find you’ve collected nothing but a lot of empty yesterday’s . I don’t know about you, but I’d like to make today worth remembering”
-“Oh, so would I…”- Quoted from The Music Man

I whole heartedly agree!!!! I’ve definitely been making anything but empty yesterday’s at least this month.
So Maria and I are currently lounging here watching The Music Man. Today has turned into our “vege” day. You know the day you try to impersonate…. well mimic…. a vegetable such as a couch potato. It’s been a busy couple of weeks… even month…. for both of us. And being busy has been fabulous, but there comes a point where the thought of doing one more thing just makes you want to collapse. That one final thing that turned into the “straw that broke the camel’s back” or that caused Dee to collapse onto the couch around 1 am and say blow it was the thought of leaving before 8am to go hike to Iron Bog Lake. And apparently I’m not the only one that said to blow it. Maria my roommate collapsed on the couch at the same time as I did. Out of exhaustion!!
And when 8am rolled around- out of guilt somewhat, I suppose, since I had been so gung ho about the idea until last night- I texted first Matt who was supposed to go with us- and found out that he was sluffing to sleep as well, and then checked with Emerson to make sure we weren’t going to be sending him off alone into the wilderness- and low and behold he wasn’t planning on going either in fact he hadn’t made it back from working the week in Island Park. He was still sleeping… oopps!!.
So now here we rest watching The Music Man. And I’m going to try to give you a quick update of what I’ve been up to lately. – It’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted last- Unfortunately my internet keeps cutting out too so I doubt I’ll be able to get all my pictures up. (if any… ) but here’s how I’ve been making the “todays” of July worth remembering.
-4th of July weekend typical 4th celebrations plus my roommate and I went to Crater’s of the Moon and did some hiking, up cinder cones and across lava fields etc.
- My friends convinced me to sing karaoke at Applebee’s after FHE
-Survived an audit at work- Not a pleasant week while they were there, nor were the weeks leading up to it
-Walked the greenbelt a few times
-Walked to Taco Time from my townhouse and back with Maria (we figure it was probably close to 4 miles after we were done)
-My mom broke her ankle so I’ve been trying to help out at home and with my grandparents when time and work allow me too
-Was one of the people in charge of a trip to Casper, Wyoming with a group from my YSA branch- we stopped at Independence Rock, Martin’s Cove, crossed the Sweetwater River Pulling a handcart etc. and came back with around 25 mosquito/ horse fly bites
-Had a massive waterfight with some friends followed by a movie night, and had we not had to be responsible and be to work by 8 the next morning we would have gone hot tubbin’ at midnight.
-Had a stake Pioneer Day Celebration followed by Snow cones with friends
-Had a couple of cousins and several friends get married, which unfortunately I was only able to make it to one of them
-Finally hung the pictures that having been laying in our living room waiting to be hung since we moved in two months ago.
-Deep cleaned the kitchen counters and floors and the basement bathroom
-Add in 40 hour work weeks (with the exception of the couple days I took off for the branch trip and a family wedding) Institute on Thursdays, FHE on Mondays, Munch and Mingle, and Break the Fast and whatever other branch activities came up in the month and I’ve been an extremely busy girl.
Here’s to an exciting August and tomorrows to come.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

If only!!

So I'm hoping to go on a vacation towards the end of summer with one of my roommates. Currently we're looking for tickets back east. However when I got onto Delta I saw some very attractive deals that would take me to a much more exotic destination. - Well not exotic, but definately amazing destinations! If I were to purchase a ticket by Monday I could travel from SLC to Paris for $469 or $529 for a flight to Tokyo (cost each way mind you) but still for Paris, that would be less than $1000 before taxes, fees and all that additional jazz. I can see me now, standing on the top of the Eiffel tower,

or spending hours in the LOUVRE!or check out Notre Dame

Or just hanging out in the middle of a ton of high rise buildings in Toyko (perhaps with my own camera hanging around my neck like the Asian tourists in Yellowstone).

Well those are going to continue to be figments of my imagination. Here's where the bummer comes in that says no not a good idea. I have a very small window of time for when I can take my vacation. It has to fall between now and August 24. After August 24, Jen the other full time Developmental Specialist will most likely go out on materity leave. Well these tickets unfortunately are for flights after August 29. Probably not the best time to be leaving. Andrea is another D.S. in our building and comes in 2 days a week and Lonna Joy the head tech would still be there, but I know how busy our building gets and it's nice to have at least 2 supervisors there when at all possible. That way one person can be handling the chaos and one person can try to get some work done. (We have well over 60 kids and over 30 adults passing through our building on a typical day.) The days that it's just been me there supervising that many people I honestly feel busy all day, but I don't feel like I got any thing done that I could honestly list out as an accomplishment. So taking a random flight across the glistening oceans to a foreign country, at least at the end of August.. not that wise of an idea.

Not to mention there are a few other things that I am trying to save for, and I think that it would probably cost a lot more to spend a few days in Paris or Tokyo than it would be for us to split a room in a couple locations on the east coast.
So these are the dreams, I'll let you know where I actually end up.