Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome Back... TO REALITY....

So I think I've now been back on Idaho soil for a grand total of 3.5 days... guess it means that I should update my blog.  Thankfully this still seems to be mostly the way I remember it.... Although I was somewhat surprised when I typed in my email and hoped to see my blog on my dashboard and discovered no blog... I apparently started this blog with my old email address.

So being that it's late I'm just going to do a quick bullet list of all the wonderful "joys" that come with a return to reality aka post mission life.

*Our plane flying out of Indianapolis was delayed an hour because one of the motors couldn't independently start. Took an hour for them to get the paperwork done and an external motor thing to start the motor so we could fly out.  Making everyone on the flight super delayed for their next flights.  I had 15 minutes to get to the next concourse (sp?) and catch my flight.

*Which was also delayed when they were about to take off when a warning came up on the computer inside the plane and computer tech people had to be called and figure out what the problem was.  We thankfully only got delayed 30 minutes and arrived actually pretty close to on time.  Apparently it's possible to take shortcuts and speed in airplanes.

*Technology has advanced a lot. Why can't you just pick up a cell phone and dial anymore? You have to go through menus, slide/swipe your finger, wiggle your nose, and say a prayer, and hope that the number you just clumsily dialed still belongs to the person you intended to dial.   (The result of also getting your contact info from  an ancient address book you saved in your computer 2 phones ago)

*Did I mention that sometime in the last 18 months my old cellphone went MIA?  It's also chosen to hold all of the numbers it's gained over the last 4-5 yrs hostage as well.

*I've gotten at least 1 nose bleed a day due to the lack of humidity...  Not to mention I now have skin that's starting to look like a Crocodiles!

*Getting back into the social swing of things... I did go to Institute this week... however awkward that may have been... Nothing like having a huge pause everytime you try to introduce yourself and having to rethink what your name is... (No, not Sister Taylor, Deanna or Dee, remember no more name tag) As well as Brother Toone addressing you in the middle of class and asking you how long you've been home for and your mind going blank for a second and then saying "Uhhh, 2 or 3 days..." These are probably going to be very minor in comparison to the rest of the fun that comes with coming back... the approaching 1st post mission date... (imagine being alone in a car with a boy... I haven't even been alone in a room with a boy for 18 months!)

*The reality that I'm going to have to get a car.  Which also means that you have to get a job to pay for the car.. or at least the gas etc. that goes into the car after you buy it.  ANd then there is the dilemma of do you wipe out your savings and pay for a car flat out or get a loan and get a better car and keep paying for it and still have some money to live off of in case of an emergency.

*AND the biggest Question of All... Now what??? What do you want to do with the rest of your life???? And where?  Just work? do prereqs for Grad School??? Idaho Falls??? Go somewhere else??? 

Thankfully as much "joy" as all of these things have been bringing me, they are all part of the opposition in all things that's mentioned in 2 Nephi 2:11.  There are good things I'm home, I'm with my family, and I have a testimony of the Gospel. So with those questions on my mind, boy am I excited to have General Conference this weekend!