Saturday, December 4, 2010

Go for 10 in 2010?

So amazingly enough I have been to 9 states so far this year, although some of them for longer amounts of time than others.

Since January 1st 2010 I've been to the following states:

Arizona- Phoenix and Mesa areas
Nevada- via I-80 and I-15
Utah- SLC and Northward
Idaho- IF, Rexburg, Crater's of the Moon, Twin Falls, Boise, Lava Hot Springs
Montana- West Yellowstone
Wyoming- Drove through the state to get to Casper and then back via Martin's Cove. Later Jackson Hole
California- LA and San Franciso and Healdsburg
Oregon- Portland and Salem areas
Washington (although it was only the Seattle airport...)

But still wouldn't it be wonderful to make it to one more state in 2010 and make it an even 10? I've still got 27 days left in 2010 so now I just need to find a place and someone to go with me.

Anyone want to tag along?