Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Perks of Being a Packrat!!

I tend to be a packrat when it comes to well everything... Although I've moved like what feels like a million times* in the last couple years. I still tend to be a packrat because you never know whe you might be in the mood to paint or read that one book or refer to that old assignment and if you don't take it with you you won't have it when you really do want or need it.
Needless to say I've keep a lot of stuff and hauled it around just in case. Well the same goes for some clothes that were my favorites!
Even if I outgrow *I refuse to say become to fat to wear* some favorite pieces of clothing I tend to stick them in the back of my closet (however once I started moving every semester I started to leave the outgrown clothes in my closet at my parent's house) as motivation so to speak to lose weight. Because some items are just to darn cute to part with! Cases in point these adorable items:

*Okay I may not have moved that many times, but needless to say I think I've moved a lot

Well I am happy to report that I am now again wearing those precious pieces of cloth!!! Which mind you I could fit in when I was 17/18/19 yrs old. The black and pink skirts I wore for High School and Seminary Graduations. And the Blue floral dress I had as a Freshman in college. So be impressed folks! I am back to the same sizes I was wearing five years ago!

Thanks to the fabulous diet/workout system that I've recenting been applying namely eating on the run! (yogurt, granola bars, string cheese, etc) in between working 8am-6pm 4 days a week, and singles activities starting at typically 7 pm like almost every night of the week (FHE, ward activities, Institute, etc) Family stuff and doing Pilates and/or Yoga once or twice a week. (And eliminating the stress of college (projects, lessons, tests, etc) and diet of a college student (quick, cheap, easy and reheatable) and of living at home(bigger and more frequent portions of food). I've been able to lose a few inches gain muscle and hopefully lose some actual weight.

The one sad thing is that now most of the cute clothes that I had from the majority of my college years are TOO BIG! Gosh darn! And although I am pulling some clothes out of the hopeful closet (aka the clothes that I saved), I'm actually having to buy some new clothes, and since I am actually making an okay.... correction.... rather amazing paycheck compared to the pre Bachelor's position I don't feel quite as guilty buying new clothes. It's not exactly helping me save for the future, but I figure it is an INVESTMENT, right? Can't attract a guy if I don't look cute! :o)

And speaking of new clothes- Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow (I have Monday's off) for my graduation gift- a new dress for graduation!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

YSA= AA????

So I've decided that a YSA (Young Single Adult) branch is a lot like AA (alcoholic's annonymous). Think about it an AA meeting has people standing up and stating their name how long they've been part of the group, possibly where they come from, and the reason they're there.

Compare to a YSA get to know you activity- You end up standing up in front of a crowd and saying your name where you come from, maybe throw in that you're a Capricorn or a Leo or something like your favorite dessert or hobbie or interest, if your new to the branch state where you come from, and then basically admit (maybe not verbally) but just your attendence at the meeting confirms the fact that you are there because you suffer from the same weakness as everyone else at the meeting "I'm.... SINGLE!!" Curs-ed word in the Latter Day Saint world!!!

And although there definately is that feel in singles wards/branches. I really like the branch that I moved into. It's pretty small, but it's warm and friendly- not cruel and intimating and I didn't feel like fresh meat so to speak when I moved in. It's just like a group of friends getting together to talk about our Heavenly Father's plan. And unlike some wards/branches I've been in, I don't feel like a name on a role I feel like an important part of the branch/family and that the people there care about me. And I'm just happy to be there. And I admit, I am a girl and I suffer from crushes just like every girl on the planet, but I didn't feel like the whole focus of being there is to get me matched off and married.

That was until today! I had an appointment with my branch president and while I was there asked him about getting my endownments out. And basically I was told that if I wasn't getting married or going on a mission it wouldn't be an option for me. Based on my age basically I didn't meet the standard. Apparently this branch is a real stickler when it comes to this topic because even sisters approaching 30 typically aren't able to get theirs out because we'd make greater covenants and be held more responsible if we messed up! Well duh!!!! And I just wanted to say I know that. I just graduated from BYU-I, I was raised in a family that taught the importance of these covenants, it's not like I'm signing up for the newest fad. I just want to be able to gain more insight into my life. And honestly I feel like I should be going through, but he was set on the opinion that at my age I shouldn't be going through without the reason of mission or marriage.
And then the next thing he says and this is the thing that gets me the most- basically he said to try harder to get married. To pray about it and to do all I can to do so. And again I want to be like- are you kidding me? I just left BYU-I DO!

There's only so much single sisters can do!??!? Unless you like throw yourselves at the guys! Which I absoluately refuse to do!!! And I'm happy being single. Being single is not the plague! You can be a happy single person. And I don't really see why the blessings of the temple including endownments need to be dangled in front of us like a carrot!!! My pedigree chart says BIC- born in covenant, I went to Primary- I've sung "I Love to See the Temple" since I was a Sunbeam. I know how important getting married is and I look forward to the day that I can enter my Heavenly Father's house and be sealed for time and all eternity.

But I'm just kinda annoyed. It wasn't like I went in there asking for my recommend so that I could go to a friend's wedding or something! And honestly I'll be happy when I find the right guy, but I'm not just going to be rushing into marriage to get my endownments out. And I know that he doesn't want me to slip up and have to face the consequences, but honestly I've thought about it! I know the consequences! I just want to grow and gain more understanding!! And yes there are greater consequences if you mess up, but there are also greater blessing because of your worthiness!!
And it's not like I haven't considered the other options for receiving my endownments. I try to date as much as I can, but honestly, Mr. Right hasn't been in the right place yet. And I've wanted to go on a mission, but right now doesn't feel like the time I should be going, but I still desire the added blessings that come from recieving the blessings of the temple!

So sorry I know that he is a man called of God, and I didn't say any of this to him while I was there, basically because I don't want kicked out of the branch :) but still it feels like a double standard when an immature 19 yr old can get his endownments out to go on a mission (where hopefully he'll grow up) or an 18 yr old bride who has really no idea what life is like can get her endownments out to get married, but because I just want a greater understanding of my Father's plan and I feel ready to take that step because I feel the need for the growth in my personal life, I can't because I'm not old enough??? I'm as old as most of the YW leaders that are taking their Beehives and Mia Maids to do baptisms on the nights that I go! ERRGGG!!!

And what he said about preparing for marriage is true. And it is stuff that I will and am, and have been applying. I am praying for Mr. Right to find me and that he's making good choices so that we can be married in the temple and have an eternal family. And I'm trying to be the type of person I'd like to marry! But it just bothers me that he basically told me to get married if I want to get my endownments out anytime soon!!
Sorry I'm tired and frustrated and I'll repent over this tomorrow!!!

Now that I'm back

So I'm happy with my life. I really am. When I came back from Arizona I was confused. I had majored in education because I knew that I was supposed to be an influence for good in the life of children. And being as that there are at least 2 generations prior to me that were teachers I was pretty confident that was the route I was supposed to take if I wanted to work with kids. There was no way I was going to be a Child Development major- those classes sucked the life out of me!

And so I went 7 full semesters as an education major and was starting my 8th and final education semester as a student teacher and the impression came that I needed to be done with student teaching and that I needed to come back to Idaho. And it was hard to follow. I'd already made several friends down in AZ and I was in the middle of student teaching. I was just going to buck it up and finish what difference did 2 more months make, but the feeling kept coming. I needed to be done, that wasn't where I was needed. And although confused with the impression I was recieving, I looked into the option of not finishing student teaching and just getting a university studies degree. And I found out that I already had enough for it. So I decided that if that was what Heavenly Father wanted I'd move back.

Well I moved home and all of a sudden I was really grouchy and grumpy. I was happy to be back with my family close- my mom was THRILLED! but personally I felt like something was missing. I was so happy in my house in AZ, and now I was just hanging out in my parents' basement something I'd always promised myself I wouldn't do.
And I couldn't do it. I'm just to subborn, independent, whatever you want to call it to move back home and have my parents support me until I figured out what I wanted to do with myself.
So I called back to good ol' TLC and I was going to ask for my old job as a Developmental Therapist back until I figured out something more permenant, and at least this time I'd get a raise because of my degree. So I called and all I got was a voice mail box so I left a message asking if there were any job openings.
Well later that day I actually get a text from my cousin who works for the same company saying that she'd heard that there were some job openings, and not just as a DT. Would I be interested in working as a Lead Tech or a Developmental Specialist. I said possibly I'd need more details.
Well the next day I got a phone call from Lisa (my boss) and she had a couple of positions to offer me. Both had a ton more responsibility and one in particular much better pay and supervisory responsibility. And the one she thought would be most appropriate for me required a Bachelor's degree and based off of what she'd seen me do over the last few years she definately thought I was up to the job. I said I was definately interested, but I had to think about them because they both required a lot more paperwork/desk time and a lot less interaction with the kids. And coming back I figured I should just save as much money as I could in 8 months and head out on a mission come fall.

I thought about it over the weekend and felt like the Developmental Specialist position was what I was supposed to take. And by the next week I was hired as an Assistant Developmental Specialist. (basically the assistant just means that I do more of the paperwork and less of the management). But basically that means that my responsibilities require that I keep the files for the kids that come to our center current. I meet with their parents, administer SIB-R tests, (assesses developmental milestones), write IPP and PIPs basically states what a child needs to work on and how to teach them those skills. I also review the progress that the kids have made and then I fill out the formal paperwork to send to their parents. I also contact the clients schools, doctors, PTs, OTs, STs etc to get updated treatment plans or IEPs from each of these places.

And I've been back about a month now and I feel ever so blessed that I came back when I did. I still have to take a couple of tests with the state so I can be a certified Developmental Specialist, but now by the time my graduation rolls around I will have already taken one of the tests and be taking the class to take the next test. Which otherwise if the job hadn't been filled by the time I got back, I would have missed the cut off date for the class to take the test.

And now I'm a salaried employee and I work 4 ten hour days. And I make about double what I used to make in my old position.

Which thanks to that pay raise I decided I could afford to get an apartment. And I found one and a roommate and with rent and utilities I'm paying less than I was paying for a shared bedroom in Rexburg and I have my own room and a huge apartment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stay Tuned for Details

There is so much that I want to write, but sadly I don't have the time currently to write it. I will write an update as soon as I can, but I have to be responsible and go to bed so I can be to work by 8 tomorrow morning. And we know that when I write an entry it's like a novel! But I promise they are coming!