Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Perks of Being a Packrat!!

I tend to be a packrat when it comes to well everything... Although I've moved like what feels like a million times* in the last couple years. I still tend to be a packrat because you never know whe you might be in the mood to paint or read that one book or refer to that old assignment and if you don't take it with you you won't have it when you really do want or need it.
Needless to say I've keep a lot of stuff and hauled it around just in case. Well the same goes for some clothes that were my favorites!
Even if I outgrow *I refuse to say become to fat to wear* some favorite pieces of clothing I tend to stick them in the back of my closet (however once I started moving every semester I started to leave the outgrown clothes in my closet at my parent's house) as motivation so to speak to lose weight. Because some items are just to darn cute to part with! Cases in point these adorable items:

*Okay I may not have moved that many times, but needless to say I think I've moved a lot

Well I am happy to report that I am now again wearing those precious pieces of cloth!!! Which mind you I could fit in when I was 17/18/19 yrs old. The black and pink skirts I wore for High School and Seminary Graduations. And the Blue floral dress I had as a Freshman in college. So be impressed folks! I am back to the same sizes I was wearing five years ago!

Thanks to the fabulous diet/workout system that I've recenting been applying namely eating on the run! (yogurt, granola bars, string cheese, etc) in between working 8am-6pm 4 days a week, and singles activities starting at typically 7 pm like almost every night of the week (FHE, ward activities, Institute, etc) Family stuff and doing Pilates and/or Yoga once or twice a week. (And eliminating the stress of college (projects, lessons, tests, etc) and diet of a college student (quick, cheap, easy and reheatable) and of living at home(bigger and more frequent portions of food). I've been able to lose a few inches gain muscle and hopefully lose some actual weight.

The one sad thing is that now most of the cute clothes that I had from the majority of my college years are TOO BIG! Gosh darn! And although I am pulling some clothes out of the hopeful closet (aka the clothes that I saved), I'm actually having to buy some new clothes, and since I am actually making an okay.... correction.... rather amazing paycheck compared to the pre Bachelor's position I don't feel quite as guilty buying new clothes. It's not exactly helping me save for the future, but I figure it is an INVESTMENT, right? Can't attract a guy if I don't look cute! :o)

And speaking of new clothes- Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow (I have Monday's off) for my graduation gift- a new dress for graduation!!!


Heather said...

Holy cow- you changed your background!!!! I was trying to figure out what was different about your blog from the last time I looked at it. Very nice. :)

Maria Ricks said...

It sounds like we need to go shopping again... YEAH! Your turn to spend the most. ;)