Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lions, and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!!

So my roommates and I have made a goal of having a life this summer... imagine that. Well our first adventure was to go to the circus. (About a week ago, I've had trouble getting onto my blog and uploading without losing internet signal). Anyways it was a ton of fun. The circus was held at the State Fair Grounds in the arena there.

My batteries died like less than halfway through so I don't have a whole lot of good pictures to post, but it was still fun and it had all of the classic attributes of a circus- lions, tigers, a bear, people in weird get ups (both as part of the act and the audience), except there were no clowns, kinda strange, but I guess kid friendly. According to my roommate clowns are scary.

But it was a fun night out with the girls. And considering we had buy one get one free tickets, we actually were all able to go for cheaper than what it would have cost to go to a movie at Edwards.

And it appears impossible for my internet connection to upload more than one picture at the moment so please feel free to imagine all of the incredible acts at the circus.

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