Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Wow! That's a phrase I never thought I'd say! But I do. I love Mondays! especially now that I don't work on them. Tuesday is far from my favorite day of the week now, but someday has to take Monday's old rap, might as well be Tuesday. To everyone reading this blog, it'll probably seem like a pretty boring day, but considering the contrast that I typically have being at
work for 10 hrs and being indoors Monday was great.

Well I'm done with my class to offically become a Developmental Specialist and I've finished the obnoxious assignments that came with it. I have taken my state test and I'm offically certified. And I now sign my paperwork at work "Deanna J. Taylor, BS, DS"

And now that I'm done with that I'm actually able to enjoy my day off again! Without doing homework.

So I was fortunate enough to be able to sleep in until 9:30 on Monday and then I woke up and my roommate Maria and I did Pilates for an hour. I absolutely LOVE pilates!! Well I LOVE how I feel after I do them. (Even if sometimes I have a pain in my abs afterwards, because that means I'm flattening them.)

And then Maria and I decided to take a little walk for lunch. Well a 4-5ish mile walk to and from lunch. We walked from our townhouse on Woodruff just south of Kearney, to Taco Time (Crossing Hitt on foot- which FYI is being chipped and the traffic lights were disabled that day) where we enjoyed a yummy taco salad and a sample of Mexi- Ice- which is FABULOUS!! - I recommend it. So far we've tried the Berry flavor and the Peach flavor both of which are really good.

After our delicious lunch we walked back. Wandering up and down several of the streets between Hitt and Woodruff and looking at some of the fliers for houses for sale in our neighborhood. There are some really nice houses in our neighborhood, and they are really actually pretty affordable at $139,000 for a 4 bedroom 2 bath and remodeled. I've always loved looking at houses and it was a nice relaxing walk.

Afterwards Maria and I decided that we were finally going to get some plants for our outside our place so it's not so drab. Well we got the plants, but didn't realize how much dirt we were going to need. OR really how much we actually ended up with.
So we made a quick trip to Walmart, where we somehow came out with more plants... and we hurried home and dropped them off at our place and quickly drove to Tautphaus park for FHE.

FHE was a lot of fun. We played 500 which was enjoyable, more because of the company playing than out of my enjoyment of throwing a football. :D but it was fun and then we went and got a snowcones. Which provided some great refreshment as our small crowd stood around and chatted.

Then after the snowcones we went and watched part of a softball game at Tautphaus again with some people from our branch and then Maria and I came home and we dug right in and started planting our flowers.

Well around 11pm we ran out of pots for our flowers so we made a quick run to WINCO and invested in some more new flowerpots. And raced home to finish planting.

By 1am we finally finished planting and this is the finished result on our front porch-

We also have several by our back door but I haven't taken a photo of them yet. But we got a variety of herbs, peas, and flowers including Gazanias, Marigolds, Geraniums, Salvia, Coleus, and Vincos.
Our townhouse is really starting to look like home for the three of us. And it smells pretty good too!


DangGina said...

Gina hates Mondays. All of them...UNLESS it happens to be a day off. I think I'll like next Monday :) Glad your day was so stellar!!

McKay & Dani said...

FUN FUN FUN!! You make me homesick just reading your blog! Sounds like your doing great! Hope the plants turn out nice and big!! Miss you!!