Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happenings in Mesa

So I loved being down in Mesa. I think I had more of a social life in the 3 weeks I was down there than I did combining my semesters in Rexburg. It's amazing what happens when you don't have homework.
While I was down there I went and helped take down the Christmas lights around the temple one early Saturday morning. And while I was there I was invited by a guy helping out there to go to a cha cha class he was teaching at the stake center that night
... sorry no pictures from either event. - No one wants to see a picture of me stepping on someones toes. However I did get a few compliments on my appearance, but alas still no picture.
And come to find out the really cute guy who taught the class was the Elders Quorum Pres. in my ward. . .One of the attractive reasons I wished I could have stayed ;) and these details are for you Heather- he was wearing a stripped black button up with his sleeves rolled up, no wonder my footwork was off!

I also explored a little bit of downtown Mesa and here are a couple of scuptures that I found while I was roaming. I think that there was probably at least one sculpture on every corner if not more!

The next day I went to my singles ward and met some of my neighbors and was invited to come over and enjoy a fire with them across the driveway at a marshmellow roast.

One of my amazing old roommates, Marlene had been down there for student teaching too and we played together a bit.
We went hiking at Usury Pass *Sorry, not the most attractive pictures of me, but hey they're proof that I did go hiking in January without a coat or boots. :o)
Where we saw a lot of catci
This type has a bunch of those little nubs (I guess they're seeds) and they stick to animals or whatever passes by like velcro and then eventually they drop off and hopefully grow in the new location.
Interesting tidbit about the squarro catcus (below) it doens't grow any of the "arms" until it between 50 and 60 yrs old.
And this next one is called a prickly pear catcus and evidently it makes a really good sauce for ribs and porkchops... I guess the inside is kinda jellyish- who knew. I probably won't attempt to try to make it however.

We also got to go The Phoenix Art Museum and saw paintings by:


And I took a close up just to make sure I really read "Claude Monet"

Marc Chagall,
The reason I'm to the side of this one is because the camera "slipped" and took a picture of this picture too when I was posing by a piece that we were allowed to take pictures of. This one isn't owned by the Phoenix Art Museum so they don't own the rights. Opps! Don't tell.
Georgia O'Keefe

And a Mary Cassatt sketch with color (I think it was pastels?)
As well as a number of other fine pieces including an exhibit with Asian artifacts. Some of which were from civilizations there well become Christ. At least 5000 B.C. That was pretty cool too, but I didn't remember I had my camera until after we left that exhibit.


Heather said...

Ok, now explain this to me- how did that one tiny detail get left out of that conversation you had with me about Mr. Elders Quorum President?! That's a ten-pointer right there- the fact that not only were his sleeves roled up, but his shirt was a BLACK button up shirt too? DUDE! That's just plain not fair!

Dee said...

Not just a black button up, but a black pin striped button up shirt! I know and I left him in Mesa what was I thinking?

Elizabeth said...

I miss the desert. To me it means home :) I will text you my address!!!! I am stoked for a three day weekend. I have been slacking on my blog, journal, everything! Lame.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... are you still in Arizona?

Elizabeth said...

Did I ever text you my address? An yes, we are BYU-I DO cheeeeeeezzzy. I guess when you marry a VALENTINE you can't really help it.