Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No longer living in college housing. AKA... I can't fit all my stuff in the back of my car any longer!

Sorry forgot to post this initially, but now I've updated at the end as well.
So you know how excited little kids are when they finally get a "big boy/girl" bed? Well, now I'm really looking for a "Big girl" bed. I'm leaving for Arizona in a week. And when I get there I'm going to have to buy a big girl bed, well not the whole bed at the moment, I'm happy using a mattress and boxspring and probably a bed frame. And I decided that if I'm going to have to pay money to get a mattress etc. I might as well get one that I can use for a while, aka, once I'm married two of us can still fit into it. And I decided I might as well buy queen sized because if I'm going to be putting money into it, it might as well be a nice one. Not that I'm going to be buying a brand new department store one that costs more than my rent for the semester. No, I just want to get a mattress that I'll be comfortable on for a while. I've dealt with enough crappy mattresses via college apartments, and really not all of them were that bad, but some- especially the ones in Riv #6 reminded me of what you'd find in a jail cell. So for the last 5 yrs, I really have had no option of what I'd be sleeping on. Now I do. And it's really hard to decide if I want firm or plush, or pillowtop etc. I wandered through the mattress section at Sears today and I tried a few mattressses and seriously it's hard to decide.

That's what I had written, but neglected to post. Now the update of info.

Well I bought a nearly new queen size Serta Posturepedic mattress set (someone had used it in a guest room for less than a year) and a foam thing to go over it for around $100 plus the cost of the foam thingy.

Not only did I acquire a mattress set thanks to Craigslist.com but I actually ended up getting a beautiful Oak Sleighbed for FREE!!!! Someone had just upgraded their bed to a king size and decided to give the old queen bed away. Lucky for me I happened to be the first person to see the posting and got the bed- for FREE!!

And guess what else I found for FREE on Craigslist in Mesa, a clothing armoire. Evidently it had been used in their 3 yr olds room to hold blocks and he sat in the bottom of it, so the bottom drawer you have to push a little harder, but still for free I can't complain at all.

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