Monday, December 21, 2009

Final White Glove

So I survived my FINAL white glove. Hallelujah!!! Unfortunately all of the girls in my apartment moved out meaning that all of the junk in the apartment had to be cleared out as well. So since I was the local, and didn't really have a specific time I had to be leaving, no bus, ride or flight to catch so I ended up staying to help Jamie, who had to leave on the 2am shuttle on Saturday, to make sure that everything was out of our apartment and that it was spotless (which it was when I moved out). I unfortunately forgot to get a picture of the spotless apartment as we left, but believe me it shined.

But it took a lot longer than we'd planned to clear all of the junk out. We discovered that over 1/2 of the stuff that we'd been using in our kitchen all semester, no one claimed. It had just built up over the last few semesters. So We picked through the junk and kept the nice stuff and the rest will eventually end up in DI.

But I "inherited" a really nice 6" non stick frying pan, a 9" and a 12" frying pan that are stainless steal. And two cake pans that are a couple of inches smaller than a 9x13 but perfect for layered cakes. As well as a really nice black bendable neck desk lamp, and an iron. And a couple of nice white hankies, still in the wrapper.

I've also included a visual about what I also found while I was cleaning the couch out-

13 cents

1 comb

6 pens

1 chapstick

5 bobbie pins

1 sock (I don't want to know how long it's been in there)

1 feather
1 paper clip

2 hair ties

6+ candy wrappers

and some candy (skittles and mikes and ikes) and pretzels.

All of which I promptly trashed, with the exception of the 13 cents.

And I am currently 13 cents richer, and hopefully $100.13 richer when I hopefully get my full deposit back as well.

But can you believe all the junk that I ended up with. Jamie had a nice collection at the end too, and there's still a box of junk that we're going to let the other girls go through before we send it all to DI. We deserve to get some nice stuff though, we cleaned out a TON of crap too.
So THANK YOU former occupants of #110.

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Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha. The cake pans were mine. My mom just gave me more of her old ones so MERRY CHRISTMAS Deanna. Keep them. I wish I could have stayed and helped. Especially because we could have used stuff in our new apartment, and I could have rummaged through what was left over. Dang it. Oh well. Thanks for helping Jamie though.
Love ya!