Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moving Forward..

So I'm hoping that this title will be suffient to say several things.

#1 I moved into my LAST apartment at BYUI.

#2 I am realizing that everything changes, but at the same time, change can be good... so far... we'll see what I have to say after graduation.

#3 I got to go on a hike this morning!!!

So I'm going to try to cover all of these topics as quickly and simply as possible, but odds are it may get lengthy.

Moving in. Well I knew it would be to good to be true, last semester when I moved into my complex I basically walked into the lounge waited for the girl in front of me got my key and was in and out of check in less than 10 mins.

This semester, however, of course, I had to have the line experience, what would the move in week be without waiting in at least one very long line?

But I'm in my apartment on the 1st floor and sadly like any apartment it has "the good, the bad, and the ugly" parts about it. Thankfully at the moment I think there are still more good things, but only time will tell.

The Good:

*Less of a walk to unload and move in, and to get home, no third floor walk up this semester.

*New carpet!

*New ward- With an amazing Bishopric- School hasn't even started and I've already had a get to know you interview with a member of the Bishopric.

*Only 5 roommates total!!!! For me this is amazing! I've had 6 roommates every semester I've been in Rexburg. Making the grand total of roommates from 9 semester of college and 10 living in Rexburg and including this semester, but not counting my family ... drum roll please.... 38 roommates. That is 38 different cleaning styles (besides my own) , 38 different sets of emotions, etc. 38! That's a lot!

But so far they see to be some awesome girls. 3 of them are RMs and each of them served foreign so I think that our apartment will definately be experiencing some culture shock and a variety of languages. My roommates served in Hamburg, Germany; Somewhere in Romania, and somewhere in Argentina. Not to mention my roommates are from all over the U.S. originally. California, Colorado, North Carolina, Nevada, and Idaho.
*Seeing old friends- I've already run into a few friends, and I'm not trying to discount anyone, but I'm especially glad to see my old friend Belen. She was my FHE sister for 2 semesters way back in my sophomore year of college- and then she left on a mission, and is finally back in Rexburg, just in time for me to bid my farewells to the 'Burg.

And as luck would have it, we're in the same complex again, but this time not at Riviera.

And what's awesome is that seriously it's just like old times. Both of our lives have moved on significantly, but we've had fun remembering some of the craziness of our Riviera days. And some of our crazy friends and roommates that we made there. And it was so great to hear what's been going on over the last 2 years. I'm so glad she's back!
The Bad-

*Well it is my last semester in Rexburg.

*Tiny fridge- very glad there's only 5 of use sharing.

*I bought less than half of my textbooks on campus. And it still cost me over $250! In addition to the other $200 I'd already spent online. It's really annoying when a laminated folded piece of paper with information on it called a smart card costs $4 each, and I needed at least 4.

The Ugly-

*I am back on the bottom floor and my bedroom wall is shared with the bathrooms. So anyone that decides to take a shower, in my apartment or either of the apartments above me I get to hear, thank you, indoor plumbing! ... Is there a way the water could be shut off at 12:30... or better yet, when I go to bed. :D
*My neighbors upstairs decided to move all of their furniture at like 12:30 last night. And believe it or not, I had actually been asleep for about an hour. .. Note the word had! It seriously sounded like we were being attacked! And if that continues, the dear girls in Apartment 210 may get an early morning visit from some very unhappy lack of sleepers!

#2- Changes

*What happened to Walmart. So the "Ammon" Walmart has been in the process of remolding all summer, and it was getting annoying to find anything so I procrastinated picking some things up thinking I could find them easily here in Rexburg. Well, sadly good ol' Wally world here's remodeled too. It looks, good, but it would be a pain to find anything just with remodeling and rearranging, but now, you also have to add like 13,000ish college students all needing to shop at Walmart.

*There's been a ton of changes on campus thanks to a lot of construction. The outside of the new auditorium is almost done... which is crazy considering the walls were still basically open when I left. And evidently there is now a real place to eat on campus beyond the make shift place in the old bookstore. It was so weird to eat at a table that was placed where gym clothes or textbooks used to be.
#3 So my roommates and I decided to go on a hike this morning. But thanks to early call ins to work and just general lack of sleep, only 2 of us, Jamie and I, actually headed out from our apartment.
But we were also joined by Belen and her roommates, Ivon, and Heidi. As well as an old friend from Riviera, Mariah.

We drove about 45 minutes North of Rexburg to the Harriman State Park, of Idaho, evidently there's a Harriman State Park in New York too.

But we went on a 4.5 mile hike around Silver Lake. And it was so pretty! And it was just fantastic to be able to go out and enjoy God's greatest creations!

And since we start classes tomorrow it was an easy enough hike, that we weren't going to kill ourselves physically and then be in pain throughout our classes tomorrow. - And I think that in general the steep parts of that trail had less of a slope than the walk up the hill to campus from my apartment.

But just a fabulous day with friends that will hopefully be a fabulous new semester.

And sadly the library is closing and our internet is still having the beginning of semester troubles so I can't upload a million pictures yet. But they will be coming soon.

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