Thursday, September 3, 2009

A case of skittles.... :o)

So I'm going to have to apologize ahead of time, I think this blog has kinda turned into a sounding board and a way for me to laugh and to complain and just generally talk about some typical blog topics and some more random rants and raves about the "pleasures" of life. So today... well tonight, or this morning depending on what you define a half hour after midnight as.... anyway... I'm going to complain about skittles.
And no I am not talking about the colorful little candies that are like M&Ms but are fruity and not chocolatey. No this is another type of skittles I am refering to... one that is actually a code name that I had a guy friend dub anything that may in any way, shape or form be associated with girly problems or products ; D.
Ok any guys that may be reading this- now that you know that my rants are about the taboo topic of SKITTLES, now would be a perfectly safe time to move your mouse up to the little red X in the corner that will close the window and you can save yourself from anything that may make you feel a little bit awkward. So I will give you the time to head to the emergency exit before I begin.

So now that it's just us girls here, let me begin:
And mind you that what is stated in here is completely confidential :0) and basically all are side effects of skittles and will probably sizzle out around the end of our favorite time of the month.
So yes right now I am suffering from a case of skittles... that dreaded time of the month that always starts moving in and driving you nuts for not just the time it's actually visiting, but also sends a few warnings that it's coming a week or two in advance. Come on we're all girls here, you know what I'm talking about.

But what annoys me most is not the general annoyance of it all, but actually one of it's side effects. For some reason, my interest level in any and all guys increases, whether I really like the guy or not!

I am actually very happy to be single right now. I love my life and I am very glad that I have made it this far single. And yes, I do want to be married sooner rather than later, but I am perfectly fine enjoying the few years that I am single. I have the rest of eternity to spend with that special someone, so if I can have some fun, and make some random friends on the way I will still be eternally happy whether I meet that guy now or in a couple of years. This is what I typically feel. I enjoy flirting and hanging out and dating, but none of the guys that's I've dated have been "the one."

But at this time in the month, I almost feel a desperate need to attach myself to any XY wandering by... or I gain an upped interest in my male friends to go beyond our current relationship status as friends.

I hate to say it, but I almost feel like at that Skittle time of the month I turn into one of THOSE girls... you know they type that fall in love with everything with testostorone. And that flirt with each and every single guy and that will stalk them until the guy takes them out.

I've lived with those girls, I've watched each and everyone of those girls get married, but I don't want to be one of those girls!

I want the guy I truely fall in love with to be the one who likes me because I haven't been stalking him all over campus. :o) And because he just likes talking to me and doing stuff with me and kissing me...

But I personally feel like a dork, when hormones start telling me that I'm interested in a guy just because nature has set up humans to be attracted to each other, and sadly, just like any other mammal we all tend to be more attracted to the opposite sex at the time of the month that we are most likely going to be able to fertilize our eggs.

I will probably appreciate this more when I am in fact married and preparing to have children, but right now all it is is confusing!

How can you decide if you genuinely like a guy if nature decides to up the ante for like 2 or so weeks out of the month and causes you to become gaga, not just attracted, but gaga, everytime you see a button up shirt, or curly hair, or blue eyes, or dimples, or just have a good conversation, or remember a fond memory... Why? Why is it as girls we are so easily able to crumble and melt at these and other things. I know at least for me that I actually begin to gag when I realized that I'm flipping out over a shirt, or a belt buckle... I think that may be proof I have a thing for the farm/country boy type. But as girls we end up observing anything and when your hormonal you have an increased liklihood I guess to over analyze and overreact to things that really aren't significant at all.

But the sad thing is that I know in like a week or so it will all fad and those guys will return to being my friends. And I will no longer be checking them out on potential fatherhood characteristics.

Okay, so yeah this totally turned into a rambling. But at the moment I guess it was either get into words my thoughts about my increased interest in certain people, or I would probably started to click through their pictures on facebook.... and admit it... you've been there.....

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Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I love reading your blog. It literally makes me laugh out loud, and then I hear my husband say, "What's so funny? What are you laughing about?" I never knew that you had such a funny sense of humor! I totally sympathize with you on the whole "skittles" thing. It seems like as a girl I (and every other female) only has one week of normalness out of the whole month b/c you have the warnings a few weeks prior to that time, then you have that time, and then you have the blemishes and left over whatever for another week after. Being a girl is not as easy as it looks!!

By the way. Are taking practicum or assessments this semester? I am, and was wondering if we are going to be in the same class. I will be taking Assessments from Sis. Johnson on Tue/Thurs at 8am, and then Senior Practicum from Sister Kay Mon/Wed. That would be awesome if we had a class together!