Friday, January 2, 2009

Meet Marty-

So this is Marty... the new love of my life... Marty is short for Martinelli mind you (like the sparkling cider)... in honor of the fact that I got Marty on New Year's Eve and the car is the color of Champane and since I'm Mormon and don't drink... it can also be the color of sparkling cider.. :D.
Ain't she a beauty though! It's a 2002 Grand Am and I LOVE IT! And she's completely paid for! We are going to have a lot of amazing times together! First in Rexburg, then Vegas, and who knows where else.... And is there no better time to begin our adventures together than Jan. 1, 2009!


Jenn said...

I love Marty he is fabtabulous! So you are doing your student teaching in Vegas huh... pretty cool. I like your blog isn't fun!!! Well, have a great night!

Jenn said...

Ok so I just realized I totally forgot a word in my last comment.... now I know why I proofread things. I meant to say I like your blog and isn't blogging so much fun.... that would be the correct statement.
Love ya. Bye!