Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zoom... zoom...

So I'm still not in the habit of blogging. Probably because it's hard to blog when you're still trying to figure out the details of everyday life.  I'm excited to say that I finally made up my mind about a car.
I'm pretty sure that I visited every dealership in Idaho Falls, and several in Eastern Idaho and logged several hours on KSL and Craigslist and I still wasn't finding something that I loved.  Finally I decided to open my price range some more.  Initially I'd wanted to get a car that I could pay for from my savings and be done, but I decided I wanted to get a car that's more reliable and that can last for well ever!  So I decided it was worth it to pay car payments now so I wouldn't have to worry for several more years about buying a car.   Not to mention that I can still have some money in savings for the unforeseen stuff that always seems to come around. I got an incredible interest rate and so it would actually cost more for interest potentially with student loan than my car loan so I figured it was worth it. Also the picture below is the same make model and color of my car.  I bought a Ford Fusion that's black and I'm still searching for a name that fits it.  So if you have any ideas on what this poor nameless car should be called.  I've accidently called it "Marty" his older brother's name (aka my last car), but it's like when your go through the list of family members trying to figure out who you're talking to.  He needs his own name and it needs to be a masculine name.  So Black Beauty is a no go...  Marty's name totally fit.  It was a gold color and I named it Martinelli since I bought it on New Year's Eve, but so far I haven't figured out an acceptable name.  I've thought about Indy in honor of my mission, or Andy in honor of my last area Anderson, my Dark Knight just because it's a dark color, but none of these names really seem to fit.  So if you have any ideas for my attractive ride please feel free to comment!

2011 Ford Fusion 

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