Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daring to dream

Why is it so easy to dream when your little, but once you get older, it becomes so much harder, because now they're not wishes you're daring to dream, they're wishes your daring to LIVE!
I've got a good job. It's basically the same salary as a teacher, but when I leave for the day I'm basically done. I don't have to take a pile of assignments home nor do I have to prepare for the next day. In that aspect it's great. And I currently have a fabulous apartment, however I'm moving at the end of the month to a bigger 3 bedroom townhouse in the same "complex" and one of my old roommates is going to be moving in with Hada and I.

But currently I'm trying to figure out what the next step is going to be in my life.

Obviously I hope for marriage to be somewhere on that list, but right now I don't appear to be heading that way. Mr. Right has a lot of hoops to jump through and bars to meet.

Graduate school?? Maybe.... when I get over the last 20ish years of schooling! I need a break... and to figure out what I'd study? Occupational Therapy? Social Work?

Mission! --- This is high up on the list, but need $ and at the moment with my grandpa's health I don't really want to leave at the moment. Not to mention I've at least got to make it though the audit at work before I even consider skipping the state.

Vacation--- YES!!! Hopefully! I've got a couple in the works, but at the moment they seem months if not years away. So until that time I'm going to be going on short day trips like I did last weekend where we drove throughout Central Idaho- hopefully I'll get some pictures up on my next posting.

SO I'm still not sure what dreams I'm daring enough to live... I guess only time will tell. Hopefully all of the above.....

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The Stewart said...

I agree. It's harder to dream like when you were a kid. You've got some pretty awesome ambitions though. Where do you live at? I.F?