Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The end of an Era

So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately... amazing I know!!! And yet, again as I was getting ready for bed, a bunch of these thoughts started to come to the surface and swirl around in my brain again, and I know that I won't be sleeping until they come out in writing.
--- I'm leaving Rexburg. I know it's true, but in a lot of ways this thought still isn't really concrete. And it probably won't be until I stick the final item in my car in December and wander back into my apartment to see if all my stuff is really gone. And I'll stand there, probably turn around and survey the room and it probably still won't seem real.
See I've gotten really good at the moving thing. I've moved every three months basically since April 2008. So loading my stuff up in my car with plans to move isn't that big of deal. I've become a pro at packing now. ;D And because of that I don't know if it'll really hit me that this is the "end of the road," that I've gone as far as I can at BYU-I. It's kinda surreal, ya know, much harder than graduating high school ever was. The end of high school I knew would be a big change, but I still had several people I knew that were headed off on the same road I was. But this time, I'm leaving, and the friends that I've made are either staying or they left before me.
But unlike a lot of my friends, (some are in search of new freshman that they can marry so they can stay in Rexburg another 4-5 yrs) I am actually ready to move on. I've seen a lot of changes take place on campus and I've made a lot of fond memories, but I think that I am finally to the point where the excitement of college isn't so much anymore. I realized the other day that I can easily find my way around the library (something I never thought would happen as a freshman) and I can even go through the Snow without getting lost. I'm also attempting to have a bedtime of 11pm, and I wake up by like 6:30am (well with the exception of Thanksgiving Vacation, that's kinda thrown me a lot), completely against my nature, ask any of my former roommates. But now, here I am in my final semester, and I have classes by 8am everyday and I'm no longer complaining about them. I think I'm turning into an adult, scary!!!. And my goals now aren't about upcoming semesters anymore I'm actually trying to plan my life after college....

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